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Common Questions


I have a simple problem that would take 15 minutes to fix.  How much would you bill?

We bill a minimum of $25.  This ensures that we have the time to test the work that we've done.

Other providers will perform a fix and do a single check that the fix worked.  We perform a discrete functionality test were the problem system is tested at possible points of failure.  Many times this detects a flaw or error in a solution that gets fixed the first time around.

Why is "The Products and Services We Use" section focused on security?

Software and hardware that is secure today can easily be vulnerable tomorrow.  Security technologies are designed to delay access.  Making it impractical to breach security.  But, everyday new innovations occur that make security that originally would take 20 years to breach shrink to mere weeks.

We choose solutions where the original time scale to breach is in the millions of years with current supercomputers.  Once we know that the security is two or three innovations away to being vulnerable we are looking for new solutions.

Getting ahead of hackers by making it useless even if they have our hardware.

The beneficiary is our clients.  Identity and IP theft stopped before hackers or thieves can begin.

Most websites in 2022 have a chat why don't you?

Poor performance of the chat for website visitors.  The solutions we have tested had considerable delays between messages and difficulty assigning chat quickly to customer service agents.

We hope to implement a chat soon that meets our standards for a customer's experience.

Why do you bill out hourly instead of flat rates for specific services?

We wouldn't be adapting to the needs of our clients.  By not setting flat rates we can adapt; billing less if it is a simple issue or cover unexpected troubleshooting that a flat rate would bill more for.

We value providing quality work to our clients and flat rates would sabotage that.

Have any questions or concerns we didn't answer?

Fill out the form on our Home page and let us know what it is.

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