About the Author


John Schwinn - Self taught IT Professional with 10 years of experience troubleshooting, patching and hardware repair.  Skills from various walks of life with the heartfelt choice to find the right way of accomplishing goals.  Open to the opprotuinties of new ideas and technology.  Firmly knowledgeble of the foundation of those ideas or technologies before implimenting them in his life.  Itegrating cutting edge technologies and ideas responsibly with daily life.

8 years as a developer and bet tester for various products from operationg systems and media frameworks to video games and streaming aplication.  Windows, OSX/macOS, Fedora/Redhat, SUSE, NCR, CentOS, SunOS, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, ucryptor kernel.  14 devices with terminal/CMD access daily.  Big fan of USB bootable OSs from Gandoaf PE to Kali or Tails Linux.

Years of independant study in various forms of phlosophy and theology.  Literary background following the Great Books method and purpose to project reading.  Fundimental archatechure training from resitential to industrial facility design and utility implimentation. Experience with Data Center network, infrastructure and security: design, installation and implimentation.  Cellular tower design and security  Customer service, food service and inventory managment.  Labor force documentation author: incident procedure, liability policy and ethical conduct guidelines.  AV integration and automation in small venues.

His choice of reseach is not preferrential to any given source.  Though reliable sources are valuable;  complacency in methodology or adoption of inovations leads to inaccurate or obsolete information.  Primary documatation is used most often: manufaturer's engineers white papers, medical case studies' published findings, video where the primary source can be verified, direct subject papers prior to profesional journal publication and many other primary sources that are the origination source of information.